“Land of Milk and Glory”

The parents had been seduced by the impalpable sanctuary of a promise. They had been lured by a cool and crisp country flowing with potential. They were to be foreigners living in a foreign land, spacious and fertile for opportunity. They were


The last time I tried to kill him, I failed miserably. No blood, no 911 calls, hell – he didn’t even know his life was in danger. I’m lucky the District Attorney didn’t press charges. He didn’t die, and I didn’t go

“Don’t Go There”

At bedtime, the little girl I babysat grabbed my shirt and whispered, “Don’t go there.” “Go where?” I picked her up and walked through the minimalist-styled kitchen with its dark cabinets and farmhouse sink, to the open living room and up the



I. Rose stood in her tiny, cluttered living room, trying to remember why she was there. “Go brush your teeth and find your glasses,” she said out loud, before following her own command: first to the bathroom to brush her teeth, then

“Waiting Room”

My eyes shot open. I must’ve dozed off. My head was pounding. Perhaps it was the bright, fluorescent light in this cold, white, sterile box of a room. I was sitting on a black plastic chair against the wall. The entire wall


“Ma’am? Ma’am, are you okay?” I shielded my eyes from the glaring sunlight. Its warmth usually brightened my spirits but for some reason, it didn’t today. “Hi, sir,” I managed to say. There was a man outside my window wearing a white

“A Deadly Weapon”

1966 Sweat trickled down James’s forehead. The screaming from the crowd was earsplitting. The lights were so bright around the ring, and he couldn’t even hear his coach, Lee, yelling at him. His mouth was moving, but no sound could be heard.