“Für Naledi: The Piano Lesson”

“Again! And sit up straight! You’re slouching.” Naledi repositioned herself on the stool in front of the piano. Her legs, dangling, were starting to go numb. As best as she could, she straightened her back, placed her fingers in position on the white keys, and began to play Für Elise from the beginning. She felt her fingers hit every note

The Dancer

It’s a typical spring morning – a slight chill, cloud cover, and the threat of rain. I can hear through my open window the

Short Stories

“Graduation Day”

Shattering glass echoes in my ears, snapping my head up from my phone. Right across the street, the front window of Diaz’s Deli— the neighborhood bodega—lays in glistening shambles on the hot sidewalk. The store alarm blares out catching the attention of bystanders who simply stop, stare, and ultimately keep on their way. I hold my growling stomach as my

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midnight - The Black Speculative fiction issue


They were floating, flying in tandem, punctuated by the last of the year’s sunlight, perfectly together. Nothing could separate them. The voices of children,

“Tika Zika”

It was called “Tika Zika”. They gave us instructions to lock ourselves away from each other. No neighbors, friends, nothing–no matter what. My niece

“Chest of Hope”

When Sunduq was four she got stuck in the hope chest in her grandmother’s bedroom. Her family looked for her for hours, eventually calling