Not my Daughter

“Sit still.” I braced myself for the familiar sting of the plastic comb against some vulnerably-exposed area of my head, neck or shoulders. A few seconds passed and I slowly opened my clenched fists and eyes, relaxed my hunched shoulders, and tried my best not to move as I silently praised God for another escape…

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“All The Things I Should Have Said”

I email him and tell him that I want to see him. I send it…

midnight and indigo literary journal for black writers


I. Rose stood in her tiny, cluttered living room, trying to remember why she was…



“Ma’am? Ma’am, are you okay?” I shielded my eyes from the glaring sunlight. Its warmth…

“A Deadly Weapon”

1966 Sweat trickled down James’s forehead. The screaming from the crowd was earsplitting. The lights…

midnight and indigo literary journal for black writers

“tea at miss daisy’s”

Many days we passed Miss Daisy’s house and yelled hi. She would usually call us…



I have melanated skin, which helps me look younger than my age, but I also…

Delky, Tevin Campbell, and The Promise of Today

I hope tomorrow will bring a better you, better me I know that we’ll show…

My Butterfly Will Never Become A Caterpillar

I am the only girl in my family. When I say ‘only’ I do not…

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