Short Stories

Character-driven stories of love and loss. Change and triumph. Laughter and fear. You name it, we’ll have it. Everything from literary to sci-fi to fiction.

“Whisper Network”

On Monday, Venessa Stenson stared out the window during math drills. Mrs. Reynolds called to her, asked her for the solution in the problem set, and waited for an answer. Venessa looked at Mrs. Reynolds and shook her head slightly. “I don’t know,” she said. Her voice was breathier than usual, lower. Venessa turned away […]



The hand rubbing my back is not soothing me at all. Why are hospital gowns made so that at least one body part you’re not interested in showing the world is available for everyone’s viewing? Sometimes they give you a gown to kind of cover up, but it’s more annoying than helpful. This is especially […]


“Let It Be Me” – An Excerpt

She went to see if he was dead. But when she got down to Olive Branch and saw Beanie in his hospital bed, his breathing was calm. He groaned, moved his head a lot. Constance’s blade had in fact punctured his left kidney, but they’d gotten to it in time enough. He was fine, despite […]


“Radical Wombs”

I’ve been dreaming. In my dreams, my sisters sit in circle formation, our legs crossed after a long day of picking okra. We laugh and cry with one another. We share secrets and indulge in nostalgia. “Remember when we spent our days fighting, scheming, plotting….trying to find our way here?” Her long, curly mane is […]


“Marjani’s Gift”

The leaves on the two maple trees in the yard beamed a spectacular fiery red as the blue bottles that hung from them shimmered under the late afternoon sun. It was an uncharacteristically warm Fall day in the small southern town of Divine. The unexpected yet welcome weather kept neighbors lingering outdoors a little longer […]