Under The Wolf’s Bonnet

In this Think-Like-A-Man world, this Fault-in-our-Stars universe, it embarrasses me to say that I am inept at love. Falling in love is something most people have to resist. Shaking off suitors should be as easy as wearing lipstick. I am still staggering

The Bean

I thought of it as punishment, had I been walking the right path I wouldn’t be in this predicament. I questioned God’s use of me and my body. That was only my second mistake in the story. My first was the shot


I have melanated skin, which helps me look younger than my age, but I also have a lot of scars on my body that seem to become more visible with time. Yet, now that I’ve moved closer to fifty, I’m not as

Us + Sandra Bland vs. The State

“Call the motherfuck….Call the….” I make out muffled screams from outside. Barely there. From the comfort of my bed, I ignore. People on the block yelling is nothing new. Under covers, face in phone, I press play on CNN’s video report of


There’s something about a porch that speaks to my soul, love one that’s furnished like the outdoor, out front room that, in my eyes, it’s meant to be. I passed a little bungalow home with a wrap around porch one afternoon; it

A Jones For You

I remember the night we met in Atlanta. On a cold evening in December, I turned around and there he was. 6’4″, beautiful mocha skin, an electric smile escaping full lips, and a stature that said “dayummm“. Focus, I told myself. This was the birthday party of