ISSUE 2 – Sneak Peek

  midnight & indigo is a literary journal dedicated to short fiction and narrative essays by Black women writers. Our second issue features contributions by 14 Black women writers including: Khaholi Bailey, Zakiah Baker, rebekah blake, K.B. Carle, Jeannine A. Cook, Cassandra Eddington, Johannah Fienburgh, Janyce Denise Glasper, Marissa Joy Leotaud, devorah major, Zuri H.…

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“Simple Mind Play on Crazy Rose”

About time, Rose grumbled under her breath as she snatched up her two half-filled garbage…

Not my Daughter

“Sit still.” I braced myself for the familiar sting of the plastic comb against some…


“Radical Wombs”

I’ve been dreaming. In my dreams, my sisters sit in circle formation, our legs crossed…

midnight and indigo literary journal for black writers

“The Intersection”

“Curse this damned place. I don’t want anything to do with here.” Holson, my best…

“one less one mo (clara belle’s blues)”

“I’ll be damned if anybody beat me again, tellin me I’m ugly and worthless. What’s…


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