Under The Wolf’s Bonnet

In this Think-Like-A-Man world, this Fault-in-our-Stars universe, it embarrasses me to say that I am…

The Bean

I thought of it as punishment, had I been walking the right path I wouldn’t…

short stories & essays by Black women writers

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“Land of Milk and Glory”

The parents had been seduced by the impalpable sanctuary of a promise. They had been…

“All The Things I Should Have Said”

I email him and tell him that I want to see him. I send it…

Lemon Bitter Toxic

The knocks were startling in part because we’re jumpy by nature, but mainly because anyone…

Dr. Tubman: The Universe Sent Me a Black Woman Therapist

I sat on the couch of a woman who decorates her office to make it feel like a home outside your own. She has locs dipped in watercolors. She has a favorite…

midnight and indigo literary journal for black writers

“The Intersection”

“Curse this damned place. I don’t want anything to do with here.” Holson, my best childhood friend, slammed the door and headed off on foot to the nearest mechanic. He just wants…



midnight & indigo literary journal for black writers

The Solomon family car is small and green and was bought from a used lot seventeen years ago. It is not equipped for long drives. So the Solomons walked, or biked, or…

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http://In%20her%20essay%20Under%20the%20Wolf's%20Bonnet,%20#blackwomanwriter%20Justin%20Teopista%20Nagundi%20explores%20her%20fear%20of%20romantic%20relationships,%20owing%20to%20a%20reluctance%20to%20trust,%20her%20upbringing,%20and%20her%20own%20mother's%20suspicion%20of%20all%20men.⁠%20Click%20the%20link%20in%20bio%20👆🏾to%20read%20it%20on%20midnightandindigo.com.%20⁠ 154 4
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http://Set%20in%201960s%20England,%20‘Land%20of%20Milk%20and%20Glory’%20explores%20the%20plight%20of%20Mummy%20and%20Daddy,%20who%20have%20emigrated%20from%20Jamaica,%20and%20have%20left%20their%20children%20in%20Aunt%20Lily's%20care%20until%20they%20establish%20themselves%20in%20the%20country.%20When%20Aunt%20Lily%20refuses%20to%20return%20the%20children,%20the%20parents%20enact%20desperate%20measures.%20🇯🇲⁠ 74 3
http://Thank%20you%20@girltrek%20for%20providing%20this%20amazing%20opportunity%20to%20hear%20from%20our%20legends,%20the%20incomparable%20Angela%20Davis%20and%20Nikki%20Giovanni.%20Live%20on%20GirlTrek's%20Facebook%20page%20tonight%20at%207pm%20ET. 498 10
http://I%20am%20writing%20the%20lyrics%20in%20my%20notebook.%20I%20want%20to%20look%20busy%20when%20he%20walks%20in.⁠%20Then%20I%20feel%20it.%20I%20feel%20his%20gaze%20on%20me.%20I%20feel%20it%20in%20my%20heart%20first,%20then%20my%20head,%20then%20my%20pus*y.⁠ 194 8