“Waiting Room”

My eyes shot open. I must’ve dozed off. My head was pounding. Perhaps it was the bright, fluorescent light in this cold, white, sterile box of a room. I was sitting on a black plastic chair against the wall. The entire wall was lined with the same chairs, with occupants of various ages, creeds, ethnicities.…

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A Jones For You

I remember the night we met in Atlanta. On a cold evening in December, I turned around and there…


I have melanated skin, which helps me look younger than my age, but I also…


“Radical Wombs”

I’ve been dreaming. In my dreams, my sisters sit in circle formation, our legs crossed…

midnight and indigo literary journal for black writers

“The Intersection”

“Curse this damned place. I don’t want anything to do with here.” Holson, my best…

“one less one mo (clara belle’s blues)”

“I’ll be damned if anybody beat me again, tellin me I’m ugly and worthless. What’s…

“Marjani’s Gift”

The leaves on the two maple trees in the yard beamed a spectacular fiery red…


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