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midnight and indigo literary journal for black writers

“The Intersection”

“Curse this damned place. I don’t want anything to do with here.” Holson, my best childhood friend, slammed the door and headed off on foot to the nearest mechanic. He just wants…


The last time I tried to kill him, I failed miserably. No blood, no 911 calls, hell – he didn’t even know his life was in danger. I’m lucky the District Attorney…

What I Did To Make My Body Smaller & What I Found When I Gave Up

My parents used to keep a lot of photo albums around the house. In one, there is a photo of me, three years old in our tiny living room, unsmiling in my…


“Marjani’s Gift”

The leaves on the two maple trees in the yard beamed a spectacular fiery red…

midnight & indigo literary journal for black writers

The Solomon family car is small and green and was bought from a used lot…


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http://Today%20is%20the%20day.%20I’ve%20been%20planning%20this%20for%20the%20past%20ten%20years.%20I’m%20a%20morning%20person,%20and%20anything%20of%20significance%20that%20I%20do%20has%20to%20be%20before%20noon%20or%20it%20won’t%20happen.⁠ 148 2
http://~%20An%20excerpt%20from%20Mister,%20a%20short%20story%20by%20#blackwomanwriter%20Tamika%20Christy%20(@ourwritesmatter)%20about%20the%20love/hate%20relationship%20a%20woman%20has%20with%20her%20husband%20of%2035%20years.⁠ 191 10
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