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midnight & indigo for black female writers
“Let It Be Me”

She went to see if he was dead. But when she got down to Olive…

“Radical Wombs”

I’ve been dreaming. In my dreams, my sisters sit in circle formation, our legs crossed…

midnight and indigo literary journal for black writers
“The Intersection”

“Curse this damned place. I don’t want anything to do with here.” Holson, my best…

“one less one mo (clara belle’s blues)”

“I’ll be damned if anybody beat me again, tellin me I’m ugly and worthless. What’s…

“Marjani’s Gift”

The leaves on the two maple trees in the yard beamed a spectacular fiery red…

midnight & indigo literary journal for black writers

The Solomon family car is small and green and was bought from a used lot…


“Simple Mind Play on Crazy Rose”

About time, Rose grumbled under her breath as she snatched up her two half-filled garbage bags from the ground and made her way toward the front of the line. Even with an…

Not my Daughter

“Sit still.” I braced myself for the familiar sting of the plastic comb against some vulnerably-exposed area of my head, neck or shoulders. A few seconds passed and I slowly opened my…

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http://A%20young%20girl%20struggles%20to%20find%20her%20place%20in%20a%20family%20that%20is%20falling%20apart,%20and%20in%20a%20house%20that%20no%20longer%20feels%20like%20a%20home%20-%20in%20Cracked%20Flowerpots,%20a%20new%20#shortstory%20by%20Theresa%20Sylvester.⁠ 90 1
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