Issue One: Winter 2019

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It’s here, our inaugural print issue! Sit back, relax, and dig into new short stories by 13 amazing Black female writers.

The stories introduce characters that navigate between self-love and loss, new beginnings and inevitable endings, and a few things in between.

Contributors include: Christian Loriel, Desiree Evans, Avi-Yona Israel, Wandeka Gayle, L.M. Bennett, DiAnne Malone, Muli Amaye, Tatiana Taylor, Kourtnie Rodney, Jacquese Armstrong, Candice Lola, Preslaysa Williams, and Ilisha Nicole.


EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: from “Let It Be Me” by Christian Loriel

A woman falls in love with her childhood friend, carrying his tragedies and weaknesses on her shoulders. But if she breaks, who will be there to carry her?  Continue reading >


Lenaya sees pieces of her mama everywhere, in everything. She feels haunted by the past, reminded of every hurt, every heartache, every joy. In starts and stops, Lenaya must learn to move forward even as she carries the weight of her complicated history.  Continue reading >



  • “Holding Pattern” by Desiree Evans – Lenaya sees pieces of her mama everywhere. She must learn to move forward, even as she carries the weight of her complicated history.
  • “Fear of Fear” by Avi-Yona Israel – Do you ever feel like no one else is sane? Do you ever, five minutes later, realize you’re the craziest one of all?
  • “Finding Joy” by Wandeka Gayle – Ayo, a young, black, Jamaican immigrant and freshman at a university in Louisiana grapples with what to do when a white graduate student impregnates her.
  • “Burn the Witch” by L.M. Bennett – A fortune teller sets up shop in a laundromat because these sweaters won’t dry themselves.
  • “On the Occasion of A Pending Departure” by DiAnne Malone – A mother, after viewing a movie, reckons with her son’s pending departure to college in Baton Rouge.
  • “Stripped” by Muli Amaye – Kaya is at a crossroads in her life. She is in rural France looking for something that will help her to piece it together.
  • “The Dearest Ones” by Tatiana Taylor – A woman, after spending 14 years in prison, is finally coming home.
  • “Babe” by Kourtnie Rodney – A couple affected by a miscarriage and the ways in which both of them bring their personal traumas into the relationship.
  • “tea at miss daisy’s” by Jacquese Armstrong – In the 1950s, a young girl and her siblings listen to Miss Daisy recount a story of a girl’s rape and eventual murder.
  • “Golden Girl” by Candice Lola – Are those on the top lucky? Or are they trapped?
  • “Finding My Way Home” by Preslaysa Williams – Rayna Reynolds, a single mother, escapes from her abusive boyfriend. to her grandmother’s home.
  • “This Is How You Deal with Grief” by Ilisha Nicole – A reminiscent exploration of how grief is handled by those who can and cannot cry.



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